What NHS treatment will I have to pay for?

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What treatment will I have to pay for?
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What NHS treatment will I have to pay for?
Some services are provided for a subsidised fee:

Medicines prescribed by your GP (a standard subsidised charge exists for all medicines)
Some GP services e.g. travel vaccinations, sickness certificates
Dental care
Optical care

Help with Health Care Costs
Most students who qualify for NHS treatment can receive help with health care costs such as prescriptions, eye care and dental treatment on the basis of low income. You will need to complete form HC1 and/or form HC5 (if you have already paid for treatment).

You are automatically entitled to free medical prescriptions if you are a full-time student under the age of 19, if you are pregnant, if you have had a baby within the last 12 months, or for any child or children living with you under the age of 16.

For more information contact the Department of Health (telephone) + 44(0)20 7210 4850.