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Travelling Safely by foot:
Many students travel around on foot. It's cheap, it's healthy and it's a good way of clearing your head in the morning. Keep in mind the following basic advice and you'll enjoy getting to know your new neighbourhood. Stick to our 3 point plan and you should be safer.

1. Get to know your area:
Spend some time familiarising yourself with the area around your university and your accommodation.
Make sure that you know your way around so that you do not become lost or disorientated if you have to walk home at night. Seek out safe routes to and from common destinations, even if these take slightly longer.
Choose well-lit, busy streets and walk confidently. Be aware of the location of your local police station, taxi company or 24 hour store, in case you need to call on them.
Be aware of areas to avoid such as dark alleys and wooded areas.
Never take short-cuts if they put you in danger, especially at night.

2. Safety in numbers:
Try not to walk alone in the dark. Get to know other students at your halls and arrange to go out and come home in groups.
Remember it gets dark early in the UK during the winter and although it may not be late, it can still be dangerous.
Always leave the student bar with people that you know, even if this means you don't finish your drink or conversation.
Don't allow your student finances to distort your safety sense - if you find yourself stranded alone, spending £10 on a taxi is far preferable to getting attacked.

3. Never accept lifts from strangers or hitch-hike:
Never accept a lift from somebody that you don't know, whether you are in a group or on your own.

If you accept a lift from someone you don't know very well, always find out where they are going first, and try to telephone a friend to tell them who you are with.

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