The UK’s State Health Service

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The UK's State Health Service
Student health care entitlements in the UK
What treatment is provided free of charge?
What treatment will I have to pay for?
Does my country have a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with the UK?
Where do I go to receive medical treatment?
How do I register with a doctor?
How do I deal with a medical emergency?

The UK's State Health Service
The UK's State Health Service is called the National Health Service, or NHS. The NHS operates on the principle that healthcare should be equally available to all members of society. The NHS provides UK residents with a wide range of health care services including medical, dental and optical treatment. Many services are provided free of charge, and some are provided for a subsidised fee.

The following NHS treatment is provided free to everyone, regardless of nationality or residence status:

Treatment in an emergency (but not follow-up treatment)
Treatment of certain communicable diseases
Compulsory psychiatric treatment

Entitlement to other NHS services is subject conditions.