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Study in the UK - The Financial Advantages

Study in the UK - the financial advantages:
There are some financial reasons why studying in the UK can prove affordable. The main advantages are:

1. Healthcare:

Treatment on the National Health Service (NHS) is free to all international students enrolled on a full-time course of study lasting 6 months or more.
You and your immediate family will be entitled to free access to doctors and hospital care for the duration of your studies.

2. Course length:

Educational courses in the UK tend to be shorter than those offered elsewhere in Europe and North America. A standard undergraduate course will take 3 years, as opposed to 4, and a standard postgraduate degree or diploma will take 1 year, as opposed to 2.
You may save on a year's fees and can benefit from the financial rewards of starting your career earlier.

3. For EU students:

Fees are the same as for UK students; currently up to £1,125 per year for tuition.
EU students from low-income families may only pay part of this fee.
In Scotland, EU students are not subject to fees.

Working during your studies
All international students may work up to 20 hours per week during term-time for the duration of their studies, and full-time during vacation periods. You will probably need to ask permission from your university before you take up employment during your course, but most educational institutions accept that many students need to work part-time at some time during their studies.

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