Student Housing London has a huge range of student housing in London for you to choose from and many budget lodgings are within walking distance of education establishments and tourist attractions, so you will save even more cash.

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Student Housing London

Student Housing in London ranges from hotels and hostels to halls of residence and apartments. has a huge selection of budget student housing for you to choose from, so you're bound to find something suitable for your educational visit to London. Student housing, like the value for money Dinwiddy Budget Rooms or the affordable Clifton Apartments London, offers you the opportunity to meet your fellow guests, as well as giving you a comfortable place to call home whilst you're studying in the UK. You could combine your study trip with some cultural visits too, including the Tate Britain and the British Library, both of which offer free admission.

London's Student Housing is situated close to bus stops and underground stations, so you will be able to visit every corner of the capital quickly and easily. A lot of budget lodgings are within walking distance of universities, language schools and major tourist attractions, like the London Planetarium and Covent Garden Market, so you can save even more money whilst studying in London. Student housing allows you to live with like-minded travellers and you are sure to make lots of friends during your time in the city. You can browse through the list of London's student housing on and find a great student deal for your next educational trip to the capital.