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Socialising Safely

Socialising Safely

Don't trust too easily
It is easy to trust people who have a common link through university and seem to have much in common with you, especially when you first arrive at university and are keen to make new friends. If you don't know someone, remember to be cautious around him or her. Don't lend them money and don't go anywhere with them alone if you feel uncomfortable. Try to stick to groups until you have had enough time to decide whom you like and whom you can trust.

Stay in Control
Use your common sense and your instincts when you go out socially, and stay in control with our 4 point plan to enjoying a safe evening out.

1. Plan your evening out:
Try to decide in advance where you are going to go, and plan how and with whom you will get home.
Always tell someone about your plan and what time you expect to return.
Take the telephone number of a reliable taxi company in case you get stranded and make sure you have enough money to get home.

2. Don't overdo it:
Stay alert when you go out. Remember that drink and drugs can cloud your instincts and let you lose control.
If you are going to drink, eat something, pace yourself and know your limit.
Listen to your friends and go home if you feel ill or light-headed.

3. Don't trust strangers:
Be cautious of people you don't know and don't be afraid to say no. If someone seems aggressive, use excuses that don't offend him or her to get away.
Be careful about accepting drinks from people you don't know. Go to the bar with them and keep an eye on your glass at all times to prevent your drink being spiked.
Stick to your group of friends - this way you can all keep an eye out for each other. Never wander off on your own with a stranger.

4. Get home safely:
Don't travel alone and always take the safest method home

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