Regent Home Tuition UK

Regent Home Tuition UK

About Regent Home Tuition UK

Regent is one of the largest training centres in the U.K that owns and runs several language schools, language holidays, and this exclusive Regent Home Tuition opportunity. Regent has over 40 years experience in teaching English to 50 different nationalities.

With Regent Home Tuition you get the unique opportunity to live in your teacher's home in the U.K whilst you learn English or a one to one (or one to two) basis. This will totally immerse you in the English way of life!

All of the Regent Home Tuition teachers have been chosen for their teaching ability, enthusiasm, and friendliness. Their homes are within 1 hour's travelling distance of Regent's language schools in exciting cities such as London and Edinburgh. You will have the chance to get to know students studying here as well as your teacher's friends and family.

The range of Regent Home Tuition courses available include Intensive General English, English Plus taught by teachers who share the same interests and hobbies as you, the English Christmas and New Year Experience, the Young Homestay for 11-16 year olds, Parent and Child courses where families of up to 4 can learn English, Business English courses, and Prestige Courses offering superior accommodation and service.

Facilities at Regent Home Tuition UK

As you will be staying and studying in your teacher's home, the facilities available will vary. In general you will be given a single room to sleep in with access to shared bathroom facilities. There will also be an area for you to study. All of your meals are included in the cost of your fees, as are at least two activities per week with your teacher. As you will be less than one hour away from a Regent school, you can join the activity programme to get to know other students and explore more of the U.K.

Where is Regent Home Tuition UK located?

Regent Home Tuition takes place in the homes of teachers across the United Kingdom within 1 hour of Regent's language schools. These are located in the seaside city and town of Brighton and Margate, the capitals of England and Scotland (London and Edinburgh) and two cities world famous for their prestigious universities (Oxford and Cambridge).

Where you study totally depends upon what experience you are looking for. Is it British seaside culture, the thrill of busy and buzzing capitals, or cities steeped in academic history with beautiful architecture and busy student nightlife?

Wherever you choose, you will have easy access to public transport including trains and buses.

What accreditations does Regent Home Tuition UK hold?

Regent Home Tuition is accredited by the British Council and a member of English UK.

Regent Home Tuition UK

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