Reciprocal Health Care Agreements

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Reciprocal Health Care Agreements
The UK has reciprocal health care agreements with all Member States of the European Union, including the following states:

All states in the European Economic Area (All EU states, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein)
British Virgin Islands*
Channel Islands* (if staying less than three months)
Falkland Islands*
Isle of Man*
New Zealand
St Helena*
Turks and Caicos Islands*
All states of the former Soviet Union except Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia
All states of the former Yugoslavia

If you are a national of one the states listed, (or a resident of a state which appears with an asterix*), you are entitled to some NHS medical treatment regardless of the duration of your course.

For further information visit the Department of Health website

Reciprocal Health Agreements usually provide for any hospital treatment you may require during your stay in the UK. You may not be entitled to the treatment of an existing medical condition. You should seek advice from the health authorities of your home country before you travel as you may still need to take out student health insurance.

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