Living Expenses: Books and Clothes

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Living Expenses: Books and Clothes
When planning your student finances, you must think about all the things you are likely to need to live and successfully complete your course. These will include your food, clothes, books and transport, but may also include other purchases such as bedding and cooking equipment.

Most students in the UK need from £600 to £800 to live on per month, including accommodation, food, social and transport costs, and other common purchases such as clothes, stationary and books. The paragraphs below will give you an indication of what you might spend.

1. Books:
Course textbooks can be very expensive and can become a significant expense for students at the beginning of the academic year. Course books can cost anything from £10 to £80.

Be cautious about buying every book indicated on your core reading list, as a good amount of key texts may be available in your university library.
You may also be able to purchase much of your core reading material second hand.

2. Clothes:
The UK has a temperate climate so you will need to bring a variety of clothes to contend with cold, wet, mild and warm weather! Some clothes stores offer student discount - Topshop and Topman are student favourites.
You will also find a good variety of charity and second-hand shops in the UK, where good quality clothes can be found for a few pounds or less. Below is an indication of clothing costs in the UK:

Shoes, Boots and Trainers               £25 - £100
Warm coat or jacket                          £30 - £150
T Shirt                                                  £3 - £20
Jeans                                                    £15 - £70
Sweaters and knitwear                    £15 - £70
Shirt                                                     £15 - £50
Socks                                                   £2 - 10
Underwear                                         £2 - 30

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