International student insurance

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International student insurance
You'll find a list of the insurance providers that cover international students coming to the UK to study below.

The first of these insurance providers covers all international students travelling to the UK for their studies.

The rest specialise in US students travelling to the UK their studies. US domestic health insurance often does not cover costs if you have a medical emergency while travelling, and treatment expenses can mount quickly. The insurance services below will provide US students with medical cover while they study in the UK.

All cater for both individual students and student groups.

All students studying abroad covers all students throughout the world for their study abroad. They offer low cost, quality global health and travel insurance plans. They can also provide tailor-made insurance plans. Their range of options should cover your needs as well as the requirements of your school and immigration officials. Insurance plans are underwritten by Lloyds of London, a premier global insurance company... click here for more information.

American students studying abroad
HTH Worldwide (HTH) specialises in providing health insurance to U.S. study abroad students. They offer comprehensive competitively priced insurance products with critical travel health information, and online medical assistance services. Members enjoy access to their community of pre-selected, contracted physicians in over 125 countries. The service also includes interactive translation guides for brand name pharmaceuticals and common medical terms and phrases... click here for more information.

Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) covers U.S.students studying abroad and sponsors of international education and cultural exchange group programs under nine different coverage plans. They can also help find the insurance to meet your exact needs... click here for more information.

CMI Insurance Specialists provide medical cover for U.S. students planning to study abroad. With almost 20 years of experience in providing medical insurance for travellers, CMI is an expert at providing that protection.... click here for more information.