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About the accommodation offered on offers a range of accommodation and allows you to compare their prices. We help you find the best value accommodation for your budget. It is important that you know what type of accommodation you would like to stay in as well as how much you can afford. A comparison of private rooms versus shared dorm beds is shown below.

Private rooms in university accommodation, hotels and bed and breakfast hotels are ideal if you:

  • Want to have a desk in your room so that you can use your room to study.
  • Want privacy and security (e.g. they are ideal for single female travellers)
  • Value the quality of sleep you get – private rooms are generally quiet enough to allow you uninterrupted sleep night or day
  • University dorm rooms are particularly suitable if you are studying (library facilities are on your doorstep) and would like to use the learning resources offered by the university, while living amongst other students

The advantages over other types of accommodation:

  • It's often a cheap option if you want your own room.
  • You have privacy and don't have to worry about people coming in and out of the room as you might in a hostel.
  • You can spend as long or as little as you like (maximum stay is up to three months for university rooms, up to 1 year for other private rooms)
  • University rooms also offer access to the campus facilities, hotels offer access to their facilities (eg Internet access)
  • There is a 24hour security system.

Hostel beds are in shared rooms and are ideal if you:

  • Are on a tighter budget.
  • Want to meet lots of other young students and backpackers.
  • Are in a group and are happy to all share a large room.

There are advantages over other types of accommodation:

  • It's often the cheapest option if you don't mind sharing a room.
  • You live amongst other travellers and students that may make great travel partners.
  • The hostel staff can be a great source of information about cheap travel and lively nightlife.