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Do I need a UK Visa?
How do I qualify to enter the UK as a student?
What are 'Public Funds'?
Can I extend my UK Visa if I need more time to complete my studies?
How do I apply for Entry Clearance?
Am I allowed to work during my Studies?
Can I stay in the UK to work after I graduate?
Can I bring my husband or my wife with me?
Is my husband or wife allowed to work?
Can I come to the UK to arrange my studies?
Do I have to register with the police when I arrive in the UK?

Am I allowed to work during my Studies?
International students may take on part-time or vacation work subject to the following restrictions. You may not:
  • work for more than 20 hours a week during term time, unless your work placement is part of your studies and your education institution agrees;

  • do business, be self-employed or provide services as a professional sports person or entertainer; or
  • work full time in a permanent job.