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Regardless of where you go to university in the UK, accommodation is likely to be your greatest expense. If you are considering applying to a university or college of London, you should think very carefully about the accommodation costs involved. These may place a very large burden on whoever is paying for your education. Below is a rough guide of what you might pay on a monthly basis for accommodation:
NB: Prices vary greatly depending on whether you share a room, have access to a private bathroom or have meals included
Room in a hall of residence: £200 - £320    
London prices up to: £440    
Room in a self-catering hall: £160 - £300    
London prices up to: £420    
Room in a hostel, lodgings or bedsit: £280 - £350    
London prices up to: £600    
Room in a shared house or flat: £160 - £300    
London prices up to: £500    
Heating and Lighting:
When looking for accommodation you should also consider the additional cost of household utilities such as gas, electricity and water. Some student accommodations include the cost of utilities in your rent, and you should check this before choosing your halls.
If you live in private accommodation, you will almost certainly have to pay for electricity and gas, but bear in mind that your bills will be variable throughout the year. The UK has a cold and wet winter, and it is likely that your expenditure on utilities will be far greater in Michaelmas and Lent terms.

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