How do I register with a General Practitioner?

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How do I register with a General Practitioner?
You should register with a doctor as soon as you begin your studies in the UK. Do not wait until you are ill. Your college or university may have a health centre on campus. Otherwise, you should register with a doctor close to where you live. A list of local doctors will be available from your local post office or Health Authority. Under the NHS, consultations with doctors are free.

To register, you will need to visit the surgery or health centre during consulting hours.
You should take a letter from your institution that is addressed to you as proof that you are a student.
You will be asked to fill out some registration forms and will then be added to the list of NHS patients.
You may request to be put on a female doctor's patient list. If you only want to be seen by a female doctor, you may need to say so whenever you make an appointment.
If you are accepted as a patient, you will be sent a medical card by post, which will include your NHS number.

If the doctor cannot accept you, you should try to register at another GP's surgery or contact your local Health Authority.