How do I apply for entry clearance?

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How do I apply for entry clearance?
You should apply for entry clearance at the British Embassy or High Commission in the country of your nationality, or the country in which you are living. You should ask for form IM2A, which can be downloaded from the UK Visas website - how to apply section. You do not have to pay for the form itself although you will have to pay a fee later. The IM2A form is now accompanied by an IM2S form, which must be completed by all visitors to the UK who intend to be students.

Fill out the forms carefully. Keep a copy of your completed forms as a record of your application. You will be asked to submit the following items to the British Embassy or High Commission (in person or by post):

The completed forms;

Your passport;

2 recent passport-sized photographs

A fee (paid in local currency and non-refundable); and

Any relevant documents requested to show that the immigration rules relating to students can be met. Photocopies are not normally accepted.