Discount Hotels in Edinburgh

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Discount Hotels in Edinburgh’s Discount Hotels in Edinburgh will save you lots of money when you book your next trip to Scotland. We have a range of discount hotels in Edinburgh, from cheap hotels on Edinburgh’s outskirts to inexpensive accommodation in the city centre. The money you’ll save by booking one of our discount hotels in Edinburgh can be spent on an extra night, an extra special meal or an extra day out. You could take a day trip to nearby Leith and visit the Royal Yacht Britannia, one of the world’s most famous ships. She was used by the royal family from 1953 to 1997 for honeymoons, holidays, diplomatic functions and state visits.

A Hotel discount in Edinburgh is an added bonus of booking with Study Stay, in addition to our great service and secure online booking system. You’ll get instant confirmation when you take advantage of an online hotel discount. In Edinburgh you’ll also be able to find some bargains on a shopping trip along St Stephen Street, a Stockbridge side street that has second-hand clothes boutiques and craft shops. Other great shopping opportunities in Edinburgh you can enjoy once you’ve taken advantage of a hotel discount in Edinburgh includes Jenners, an old-fashioned department store on Princes Street that has been open for over 100 years.