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Cheapest London Hotels

The Cheapest London Hotels are available on We have some of the cheapest London hotels at low rates thanks to our special discounts. Staying at the cheapest London hotels doesn’t mean a sacrifice in standards - our hotels are safe, clean and secure. If you’re looking for a hotel that provides central, comfortable accommodation without the frills then have a look at our list of the cheapest London hotels on the web. You can stay in a fantastic location for a fraction of the price of a luxury hotel when you book one of our cheapest London hotels - you could be just steps from Piccadilly Circus or within minutes of Hyde Park.

The Cheapest Hotel in London is a great option for travellers on a budget, who still want a great location but don’t want to have to spend a fortune to stay there. By staying at the cheapest hotel in London you’ll be able to spend a bit more money on attractions. Visit Bankside for a great range of tourist sites, including the wine tasting centre at Vinopolis. If you want to watch a play then head to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and buy one of their £5 standing tickets. You can also view art for free in this area at the Tate Modern. Whilst you’re in the area pay a visit to Southwark Cathedral and Bankside Gallery.