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How to Book FAQs
Checking prices, availability and booking on

Searching and Booking with is easy. There are three simple ways to search for room availability on To make a search, you need to be in the Accommodation section.

You can search for the prices and availability within a city, within a type of Accommodation for a certain city, or for a specific accommodation.

What should I search for?
To browse accommodation before searching for availability, click on the Accommodation link and select a city.

Then either:

Choose a city and search all of the accommodations within that city, or
Click on a type accommodation within the city (e.g. London Bed & Breakfast), and search for availability within it.
Click on the “Latest prices and availability” link for a particular accommodation listed under a type of accommodation within a city. Please note: More information is available on each accommodation by clicking on its “More Information / Photos” Link.

How do I search for latest prices and availability?
Upon reaching the search page, the second step is to make the search. If you have chosen to search by city, you will the have the option to search all accommodations within that city, or to select an individual accommodation from within the Accommodation drop-down menu.

Once you have done this, enter your preferred room type, the number of guests, your arrival and departure dates and click on the search button at the bottom. If you are a student, don’t forget to select the Student Discount option!

If you have chosen to search by a type of accommodation, the category you have chosen will be the default category to be searched - you can change this by selecting a new category from the Accommodation Category drop-down menu. Then, simply select your preferred room type, the number of guests, your arrival and departure dates, select your discount type and click ‘search’.

If you are searching on a specific accommodation, this will shown in the search page. This can be changed by selecting another accommodation from the Accommodation drop-down menu. Then simply follow the same procedure as above.

How do I choose which accommodation to book?
Having clicked Search, you will see the search results displayed. At the very top of the page you will see the search criteria you have entered. Should you wish to change any of these simply press the back button on your browser, enter the correct details and search again.

The accommodation information displayed will include the Accommodation name, category, and District. It will allow you to compare across the available accommodation, whether or not breakfast is included and the nightly price per person. More information and photos of the accommodation are available by clicking the “Info/Photos” link to the left of the Accommodation name.

Having reviewed this information, choose your preferred accommodation on by clicking the relevant Select button on the right hand side of the page. This will lead you to our 100% secure Online Booking Page.

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How do I make the Booking?
Having clicked select, the book page will appear. This is a fully secured page uses the latest encryption technologies. Again, your search and selection criteria will displayed at the very top – should any of these details be incorrect simply press back and re-enter you search criteria.

The next section confirms the financial details. They will include the total cost of your stay, the deposit amount to be paid in advance and the residence payable on arrival at the accommodation (please note there are a few cases which will require full payment prior to arrival). You will need a valid credit or debit card in order to make a booking as this is required for the deposit to be taken in advance. The balance may be paid by card or cash on arrival.

All that remains is for you to enter your contact details and your billing details. It is not essential to enter the names of all guests, though one name must be entered. Required fields are indicated with an asterisk. Please take extra care when entering your email address as your booking confirmation will be sent to this address. When you have entered the details, please read the Booking Policy for the accommodation you have selected. If you do not accept these Booking terms you will not be able to proceed with your booking. Once you have agreed to these terms, click on the Book button to continue.

We will then process the deposit payment. If this is successful you will see a confirmation page appear showing the details of your booking including your StudyStay Booking Number. Please print this confirmation page and keep a note of your booking number. You should also receive an emailed confirmation of your booking within a few minutes. Please print a copy of this confirmation – you will be required to present this upon arrival at your accommodation. If you do not receive an emailed confirmation showing the full details of your booking within a few minutes, please contact us on +44 (0) 207 415 7149 or at quoting your booking number.

How do I make another booking?
If you need to make another booking, please use the “Book Another” link.

Do not use the back button on your browser at this time as you could be billed a second time for your reservation.

What do I do if my card is declined?
If your booking was unsuccessful it may be that you have entered your billing details incorrectly – please enter them again if this is the case. If they were entered correctly at the first attempt, this may indicate a financial problem with the card. Should this be the case, please contact your Card Issuer for further information and assistance.

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